And finally good news...

I am so happy to write today to say that our purchase of the Hawley has finally completed.

We would like to say a gargantuan thank you to all of you who helped us in our fight to keep the Hawley operating as the boozer we all know and love.

It has been a crazy journey with many ups and downs, but the support you have shown us, by your generous reward purchases and donations on this site; and in person in your visits to the pub, has kept us going so thank you so much.

I will be back in touch with more, once things have settled down. In the meantime, much love and thanks

Ruthie and Doug

Hawley Fights On...

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this for such a long time, but my time is consumed in legal talk; bank meetings and brewery wranglings!

So I wanted to say we are tirelessly fighting to get hold of our gorgeous pub before anyone else does and we are so grateful to all those people who are showing their Hawley love by supporting us, thank you so very much.

Here’s hoping for good news very soon x

More heroes, we salute you

Just wanted to say how happy you’ve made us with your support and generosity. We feel really lucky to have such a wonderful community of people that love the Hawley as much as us. Huge thanks go out to our newest heroes: Hannah Walters; Alex Kemp; Clare Brannigan; Richard Worthington; Romulo Marra; Lisa Smith; Lisa Wood; Ruairi McAleese; Geoff Amabilino; Ana Toledo; Camile Arndt; Lisa Scholz; James Pritchett; Rebecca Garrett; Fahima Jan; Darren Allgood; Luci Curnow; Ian Jones; Camilla Bonesi; Christine Cowin; Kathyrn Price; Simon Cremen; Kallum Shah; Jack Palmer; Mary Mayclim; Kelly Jones; Honor Cooke; Genevieve Fitch; Sophie Leeson; Lisa Maria Ortiz; Martin Rottereng; Robert Ainsworth; Lucie Neal; Peter Davis; Cinzia Paganelli; Renata Kimura; Veronica Maxwell; Dagmara Nieszczerzewska; Steve Fox; Sarah Weston; Tom Evans; Ruth de Wynter; Gin Tallent; Elisa Roselli; Tracey Collins; Karen Roderick; Jessica Hart; Amy Harland; Tara Erskine; Angus Cargill; Gemma Bradshaw; Andrew Partington; John Goodman; Raquel Luengos; Lord Large; Arun Verma; Ellie Bagnall; Sam Head; Richard Gadd.

Alongside your wonderful pledges we are continuously working to raise additional funds ourselves to get to where we need to be, with huge thanks x

Camden New Journal Article

This post is for locals really who might have read the Camden New Journal last week. The article states that I thought purchasing the pub was an opportunity too good to miss. Although it makes some other really valid points, I didn’t say this and it’s not how I feel. Doug and I have spent the last 5 months constantly questioning whether it is a good idea to try to buy the freehold following Greene King telling us they would be selling it. It is an insane amount of debt to get into, but at the heart of each conversation was the risk to us if we didn’t buy it; not the opportunity for us if we did. Pub leases are written on the side of the brewery, that’s a fact. Back in 2004, our lawyer warned us that the lease was heavily biased on the side of the landlord, but we knew it was accept the terms or walk, so we went for it anyway, as most people getting into the pub business in this way do.

If we don’t buy the pub, there is a very real chance that a new landlord could change the terms of our lease to make the business unviable. That is what has happened time and time again when freeholds have changed hands, with rent increases being untenable and the leaseholders being effectively pushed out. The Landlord and Tenants Act only goes so far.

The primary reason for us wanting to buy The Hawley is to protect the business that we have spent the last 14 years building. We have loved this pub from the beginning and want to keep creating new memories for years to come. This campaign runs alongside our continued efforts to raise more personal finance, on top of the loans we have already secured, to reach our ultimate goal of buying the freehold and securing the Hawley’s future. We are so grateful for the rewards purchased so far and all the notes of support, thank you so much.

Thank you to our first Hawley Heroes

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who have already pledged to help save our pub. We are so, so grateful for your support and feel very lucky to have such friends of The Hawley.

Here is a massive, gigantuan shout out of thanks to those who have purchased rewards and made donations to the cause in the last 2 days - you are all amazing and we hope we get to thank you in person very soon:

Sally Ljungmark; Pamela Goldsmith; Aaliyah Nazli; Mike Manchee; Tom Parfitt; Mariia Makarova; Margaux Cahagne; Keeri Larkin; Holly Myall; Mathilde Delenclos; Rachel Searle; Rachel Christodoulou; Geert Nijpels; Beth Healy; Mike Aylwin; Heidi Hartikainen; Margaux Boeykens; Sophie Rose; Darren Gurney; Robert Patton; Pontus Fredriksson; Morgan Ager; Sabina Plewa; Anthea Welch; Simon Perry; Robert Welch; Clare McCoombe; Jessica Johnson; Sonja Amoretti; Andreas Mathiaschitz; Darren Ager; Rafael Maciel; Toni Neil; Scarlett Montanaro; Vanessa Gama; Sarah Gambetta; Marilyn Garrett; Thomas Giddings; Daniel Mead; Laura-Jay Silman; Gemma Rutter; Hannah Rosencrantz

You have brought huge smiles to our faces x