Thank you to our first Hawley Heroes

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who have already pledged to help save our pub. We are so, so grateful for your support and feel very lucky to have such friends of The Hawley.

Here is a massive, gigantuan shout out of thanks to those who have purchased rewards and made donations to the cause in the last 2 days - you are all amazing and we hope we get to thank you in person very soon:

Sally Ljungmark; Pamela Goldsmith; Aaliyah Nazli; Mike Manchee; Tom Parfitt; Mariia Makarova; Margaux Cahagne; Keeri Larkin; Holly Myall; Mathilde Delenclos; Rachel Searle; Rachel Christodoulou; Geert Nijpels; Beth Healy; Mike Aylwin; Heidi Hartikainen; Margaux Boeykens; Sophie Rose; Darren Gurney; Robert Patton; Pontus Fredriksson; Morgan Ager; Sabina Plewa; Anthea Welch; Simon Perry; Robert Welch; Clare McCoombe; Jessica Johnson; Sonja Amoretti; Andreas Mathiaschitz; Darren Ager; Rafael Maciel; Toni Neil; Scarlett Montanaro; Vanessa Gama; Sarah Gambetta; Marilyn Garrett; Thomas Giddings; Daniel Mead; Laura-Jay Silman; Gemma Rutter; Hannah Rosencrantz

You have brought huge smiles to our faces x